Pre-8: Changing Change Management: An Agile, Experiential(R)Evolution (3-day Pass)

Monday, October 15 at 9:00 AM

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From the design phase through to implementation and customer service sustainment planning, there are three groups of people involved in the success of a project: the leadership team, the technical team, and the end users. Sadly, typical change management activities tend to only address end users just prior to implementation, leaving significant holes in the final product, delivery, and ongoing support.

Successful change management requires organizations to apply multiple techniques to build a repeatable, robust, and scalable strategy. From replacing your ITSM tool to building your knowledge base to designing your DIY platform, all three groups must be included in the change management and adoption planning process. By combining design thinking, human-centered experiential design, and immersive stakeholder engagement strategies, coupled with an understanding of how people move through change, you can help build a stronger company that's positioned to remain relevant and competitive in its industry.

In this workshop, participants will learn how immersive, experiential change management techniques, agile OCM Patti will show you how a merge of exceptional techniques can significantly improve all aspects of the change, connect people in understanding, align with your business strategy and provide better results. All this in less time than a typical project not using any of these techniques.

Applying organization development with immersive change management techniques, agile organizational change management, and stakeholder involvement significantly reduces resistance to change and increases solution/service adoption and utilization. It's about creating an experience, not simply adding technology.

• The stages of a design thinking strategy
• The keys to building enterprise transformation agility
• The secrets to designing an experience, not just a tool

Patricia Blackstaffe

Strategic Sense Inc

 Patti Blackstaffe is the CEO of Strategic Sense Inc., a consulting company that focuses on helping clients build transformation agility through people strategy. A specialist in change and transformation, she focuses on complex technology implementations and changes through M&A. Her years of hands-on experience in the automation industry, international business, and large organizational projects have contributed to the build of people strategy and programs for all her clients. She is an industry advisor for the Business Technology, Management and Analytics Program within the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, certified in Change Management, and a local volunteer in Calgary. Patti's honors include: Building a consultancy from the ground up and celebrating her 10th year in business, being named in Calgary's Distinctive Women Magazine (2012), nominated twice for the Royal Bank of Canada Women's Entrepreneur Award (2011/2012), Interviewed on Leading Change by Success Magazine (2011), Leadership International included her on their list of World's Top 30 Leadership Gurus (2010) and she was included in a list of 101 Bloggers to Watch by WE Magazine for Women (2009).