Learning Tracks

Service Management World sessions are organized into tracks (categories) to ensure the proper distribution of session topics. All Service Management World tracks are listed below.

This year’s tracks include:

Modernizing Service Management

Learn various techniques from industry experts who will share their experiences on how to modernize service management, from recent developments in ITIL to chatbots, knowledge management to incident response, self-help to configuration management, enterprise service management, and more.

Optimizing Culture and Leadership

Sessions in this track will focus on the challenges and successful use cases of applying service management principles and frameworks across the enterprise. Topics include delivering greater customer value, shifting left, overcoming practical and political challenges to enterprise service management, and more.

Connecting the Dots: Frameworks and Methodologies

Sessions in this track will focus on the essential information you need to combine and deploy service management frameworks and methodologies strategically to maximize flexibility and minimize risk. Topics include IT4IT, VeriSM, SIAM, value stream mapping, process-driven service improvement, and more.

Driving Strategic Decision-Making

Sessions in this track will focus on the strategic decision-making process in a platform economy, including disrupting the customer experience, leveraging lean management principles, decluttering your service delivery process, creating an intuitive support experience, developing experience level agreements (XLAs), optimizing your services using predictive analytics, and more.