Learning Tracks

Service Management World sessions are organized into tracks (categories) to ensure the proper distribution of session topics. All Service Management World tracks are listed below.

Technologies (tools and solutions) are addressed as they’re relevant to the subjects covered in these tracks.

This year’s tracks include:

Connecting the Dots: Frameworks and Methodologies

Sessions in this topic area focus on current frameworks and methodologies and how they can be combined and/or optimized to maximize flexibility and minimize risk.

Optimizing Culture and Leadership

Sessions in this topic area focus on organizational culture—whether integrating service management into a high-functioning culture or affecting the cultural change required to leverage service management to achieve organizational goals.

Driving Strategic Decision-Making

Sessions in this topic focus on strategy, experience, and engagement, including designing and executing forward-looking strategies in a platform economy, identifying and leveraging key stakeholders, evaluating the impact of policies and procedures, and more.

Modernizing Service Management

Sessions in this topic area focus on the opportunities and challenges overcome in applying service management principles and frameworks across the enterprise, as well as how current tools and solutions can support successful, integrated service management practices.