Breakfast Briefing 3: Support Teams Don't Have To Do It All: Delivering Successful Employee Self-Service is Possible

Wednesday, October 17 at 7:30 AM

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Customer support has rapidly evolved to meet the changing expectations of their on-demand audience. Self-service support, for example, has become table stakes for most consumers. However, improvements in self-service support haven't been experienced in the internal support arena even though more than 60% percent of employees, in a recent survey, said that they would be likely to use self-help at work. Internal support needs to evolve, and making advancements in employee self-service is the first step. Join this session as we dive into employee support trends you need to know, why self-service has often been un-successful, and best practices for deploying triumphant self-service.

Anand Rajaram

Product Lead

Anand Rajaram is the Product Lead for Prompt ai, LogMeIn's offering focused on Employee Self Service and Support. As Product Lead, he is responsible for the shaping the vision, Product strategy, and overall direction for Prompt ai. Prior to LogMeIn, Anand served as the Director of Products at HubSpot, and co-founded OfficeDrop, a cloud storage solution for paper-intensive small and medium businesses. Come say hi to him in person, or @anandrajaram on LinkedIn and Twitter.