Breakfast Briefing 4: The Data-Driven Design Thinking Process

Wednesday, November 13 at 7:30 AM

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In service management, it can often be easy to forget who the "end user" really is, so it's all too easy to make assumptions about what they really want. However, in order to effectively understand our end users' goals, needs, pain points, and frustrations, it is crucial to obtain data to reinforce or invalidate our assumptions. In this session, you'll learn why collecting data about your users is important, how to use rigorous methods and frameworks to obtain and analyze data, and how to approach and apply the design thinking process.

Ryan LaMarche

Research Lab

Ryan LaMarche is a digital transformation and design thinking expert that brings ideas to life with a focus on user experience, and smart system design. When Ryan isn't building systems, he spends his time as a dual-enrolled Bachelor's and Master's student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute studying Computer Science and Innovation with UX. Ryan is also a founding member and CTO of Seldom Technologies where he works with companies to develop systems, applications, and websites and consult on process improvement in the ITSM space.