Find Support, Exchange Ideas, Build Lasting Relationships

The HDI hugs you’ve come to count on at our events may need to be virtual this year. In their place, we’re embracing the advantages offered by a digital platform to provide the most dynamic and meaningful networking opportunities possible!

Personalized Contact Recommendations

In a live setting, you often rely on serendipity to ensure that you meet the most helpful contacts relevant to your networking interests. Our platform uses AI to recommend your best contacts based on your role, industry, and other information from your profile. And as you use the platform to register for sessions and make connections, machine learning kicks in to identify ever more targeted lists of recommended contacts. It’s like having a personal concierge guiding you to the attendees with the most to offer based on your specific interests and needs!

Individual text, audio or video chats

Met someone in a video discussion group or group chat who you want to speak to in more depth one-on-one? No problem! You can always text chat directly with contacts you make on the platform, and you can also set up audio or video meetings, or even have them “on the fly.” The system is flexible enough for you to customize your communications based on your own personal preferences.

Other Networking Opportunities Include:

Video Discussion Groups

Scheduled on Tuesday morning and throughout the 2-day program, video discussion groups are an opportunity to share experiences, challenges and solutions with a small group of fellow practitioners. We’ll be crowd-sourcing topics with registered attendees to ensure these discussions are timely, relevant and valuable to our community.

BONUS OPPORTUNITY! We’ll also be scheduling group video discussions hosted by key speakers in advance of the event, to allow you to share experiences and expand your network before the event even begins.

Group Chats

Begin interacting as soon as the platform opens (mid-October) by participating in group text chats. With chat groups focused on both vertical industries and common challenges, these are a great way to identify people you want to learn more from and add to your network.

Virtual Happy Hours

Each day of sessions ends with virtual happy hours. Multiple happy hours with a diverse set of themes will be held simultaneously, allowing you to choose the group of most interest to you. Want to kick back with professionals from your vertical industry? Maybe you’d prefer to keep it light with Star Wars trivia? We’ll be crowd-sourcing themes for our happy hours and selecting a mix that has something for everyone!