Monday, November 11 | Included with Premium Conference Registration | Free Through June 28

Pre-8: MarsLander®: Making Your ITSM More Agile and Lean
Suresh GP, Managing Director, TaUB Solutions Pte Ltd
In the 20th century, we used ITIL to manage our services and bring the Apollo 13 mission to the Moon and safely back to Earth again. Sending a MarsLander to Mars requires a higher level of service delivery capability. It’s never been done before. A lot more software is involved, along with new, complex systems and unforeseeable events that will require rapid response. Not only will we have to align different team capabilities to ensure software, hardware, and services are in sync, but we will need to be able to manage new demands and changes rapidly, deploying quickly and safely. We will need to be more Agile and Lean. In this workshop, participants will work together on the MarsLander mission, learning about the synergies between ITIL, Agile, and Lean, and applying them to arrive safely on the Red Planet.

Pre-9: At Your Service!: Defining Customer-Focused IT Services
Marie DiRuzza, Director, Campus Technology & Media Services, Mount Holyoke College
Chris Chagnon, ITSM Application and Web Developer, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Services are at the core of any service management program. A strong core empowers and enables a high level of performance, while a weak core can limit performance. Many IT organizations struggle to identify their services, weakening their core. This fun, interactive, and collaborative workshop will empower participants to strengthen their cores, positioning them for improved performance. (No sit-ups required!)

Participants will learn service definition best practices, review examples, identify potential pitfalls, and practice what they’ve learned, and they will leave empowered with the tools needed to define robust, durable, business-aligned, and customer-focused IT services. Whether your organization is just getting started or looking to overhaul an existing service catalog or portfolio, this workshop is for you!

Pre-10: Digital Skills Management: Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)
Matthew Burrows, President, BSM Impact Inc.
People, their skills and experience, have become a critical aspect for the operations of companies with a dependency on Information & Communications Technology. Most companies don't know the current skills of their Digital, Cybersecurity and ICT Workforce, or what they need short, medium or long term. Without this, there is significant risk of visible business disruption, cybersecurity breach, digital transformation and project failure, compromised ability to deliver products and services to customers at agreed levels, poor employee engagement, recruitment and retention, ineffective training and development. Learn how to answer the "What skills do we have" and "What skills do we need" questions, and embed data-driven Digital Skills Management using SFIA - the Skills Framework for the Information Age.

Pre-11: The Essense of eXperience: Making eXperience Level Agreements (XLAs) Work 
Alan Nance, Managing Partner, CitrusCollab LLP; Lisa Schwartz, CEO, ITSM Academy
According to recent research, 90% of CEOs feel they aren't meeting their customer needs, and 85% of CEOs don't think technology is performing critical functions. Why, after years of implementing service management best practices, is the reputation of most technology departments still below par?

One of the core reasons is that technology teams are often trapped into measuring output rather than outcome, and KPIs rather than XIs (experience indicators). Experience level agreements (XLAs) are the foundation of a fresh and optimistic new approach to managing the business of technology. In this workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of XLAs, including the fundamentals of taking an XLA from concept to reality. 

Pre-12: SM + Design Thinking = Solved Business Problems – A Forrester Workshop
Chris Gallacher, Principal Consultant and Rudy Seber, Senior Consultant, Forrester Research
This workshop will teach you key techniques of design thinking and how to apply them to your IT organization to foster an outside-in approach to service design through delivery. Some of the most admired, innovative, and valuable companies in the world have embraced the practice of design — not simply to differentiate their products in the market, but also to improve the way they operate as an organization. This workshop will also examine how customer-obsessed service management leaders like yourselves, can embrace design thinking to enable their organizations to win in today's business world and how they have organized themselves around a human-centered design mindset.