Service Management World sessions are organized into tracks (categories) to ensure the proper distribution of session topics. Each track is managed by a track chair who selects sessions for that track. All Service Management World tracks are listed below.

Connecting the Dots

Sessions in this track will focus on combining frameworks and methodologies to mitigate risk and maximize flexibility. Topics include evolving traditional frameworks for improved agility, harvesting knowledge and insights across frameworks, incorporating TBM, the impact of organizational maturity, and more.

Decisions That Drive Results

Sessions in this track will focus on the strategic decision-making process in a platform economy, including actionable use of knowledge, analytics and quality metrics, disruptive/innovative decision-making, design thinking, and more.

Envisioning the Future – Disruptors and Innovators

Sessions in this track will focus on forward-looking strategy and digital transformation, as well as successful use cases in innovations featuring AI, Agile, blockchain, and more.

People Make the Difference: Attitude, Behavior, Culture

Sessions in this track will focus on organizational culture—whether integrating service management into a high-functioning culture or affecting the cultural change required to make service management work. Topics include attracting and cultivating top talent, developing/maintaining a high-performance culture, organizational change management, authentic leadership, and more.

Optimizing Service Experience

Sessions in this track will focus on experience and engagement, including design and execution strategies in an omni-channel world, identifying and leveraging key stakeholders, evaluating the impact of policies and procedures, and more.

Service Management Beyond IT (It’s a Big World After All)

Sessions in this track will focus on challenges and successful use cases of applying service management principles and frameworks across the enterprise.

Security & Risk Mitigation

IT security is about much more than data – it’s about peoples’ lives, and the reputation and health of your organization. Sessions in this track will focus on setting a strategy that balances security and usability based on risk tolerance, successful execution tactics, and more.

Showcasing Today's Tech Innovations

Sessions in this track will focus on using service management to improve the ROI of emerging and existing technologies, including A/I and machine learning, analytics, and the Internet of Things, as well as the current and future technology landscape.

Integrated Innovation and Disruption at Target