Why Attend?

Join Your Peers at This Innovative and Immersive Event!

Do you believe a service management-focused culture can be a catalyst for transforming an organization?

If you’re nodding your head, there’s only one place you should be this November…

At Service Management World (SMW) in Orlando.

SMW is the definitive event for service management leaders—a conference and expo totally focused on helping you manage changing customer and business expectations, discover emerging resources and technologies, and stay ahead of evolving practices and frameworks.

Everything shaping the future of service management comes together in the most productive and valuable week of your year.


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5 Reasons to Attend SMW:

  1. Focus on nothing but service management for a few days and advance your implementation projects in the right direction.
  2. Gather tools, templates, and worksheets to guide (and save time on) your next service management project.
  3. Collaborate with bright minds and build a network of invaluable resources and contacts to lean on when the going gets tough.
  4. Effectively implement projects and policies you learn at SMW to save your organization significant time and money.
  5. Help your organization stay competitive by learning and sharing what’s on the minds of the trailblazers driving our industry forward.


SMW is here to show you what’s new in service management.

Network with 600+ Attendees

Learn in 50+ Workshops and Sessions

Innovate with 30+ Solution Providers

“HDI has a very strong vision about where service management should be, and that vision is based on their history. They are one of the pioneers in the field of service management.” -David Cannon, Executive Vice President, nifinit3