Session 601: Understanding and Influencing People for Organizational Change Management

Wednesday, October 17 at 2:45 PM

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Imagine your organization has decided to make changes for the overall success of IT and/or the business. Some people don't believe in the change; some refuse to adopt the change; some will resist the change; some are threatened by the change; and on and on. Most of us understand that there needs to be a sense of urgency for people to act on or embrace change, but there is more. Even if you can get people to comply with the change and follow the process, you're still missing an opportunity to harness the power of people to enhance your change initiative. In this session, Anthony Orr will guide attendees on a deep dive into the lifecycle of organizational change, including advisory influence, stress factors, people engagement factors, the learning process, and techniques for influencing people to not only embrace change but champion it.

Anthony Orr

Executive Advisory Counsultant
DXC Technology Fruition

For over thirty years, Anthony has worked in various IT strategy, managerial, consulting, executive advisory, marketing, and technical positions. Anthony is an author of the ITIL v3 2011 publications and the ITIL MALC exam book, as well as a Sr. Examiner for the ITIL v2, v3 and Cyber-Resilience certification examinations. He has published numerous podcasts, videos, booklets, white papers and articles. Anthony is also a frequent speaker at ITSM industry events and universities globally .