Session 407: The Target Journey: Lessons Learned for Your World (Case Study)

Tuesday, October 16 at 4:30 PM

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Together with Forrester's Charles Betz and David Cannon, join the Target team to review the lessons they've learned and discuss what they might mean for your organization as you work to improve the customer and service experience.

Tom Kadlec

SVP, Infrastructure and Operations

Tom is the Senior Vice President of Infrastructure & Operations at Target. He has been at the heart of Target’s digital transformation. Tom is an IT professional with a powerful combination of technology and business skills and has a wealth of in-store and online IT experience in both mature and growing businesses and markets. Over the past 20 years, Tom has played a number of leadership roles in technology management in the United States, U.K., the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Previously he was a principal consultant in the finance sector and was involved in new technology and start-up businesses. During his time at Tesco, Tom displayed clear, forward-looking vision and embedded a culture of innovation into his teams, enabling them to rapidly deploy new technology solutions as well as meet the changing demands of business stakeholders. While managing a large international team, he transformed the siloed, country IT teams into a centralized, global IT Services function.

Troy Collings

Senior Director Infrastructure & Operations

Troy Collings is the Senior Director of Guest Reliability Engineering at Target. He has been at the core of Target’s technology operations transformation focusing on innovations, culture and applying software engineering practices broadly across Target. Troy is a business orientated IT professional with extensive experience connecting people, processes and technologies to deliver business value through collaboration and innovative solutions. He is a forward-looking, enabler who has over 20 years of experience including 15 at one of the largest global companies in the world. While at Cargill, Troy held multiple engineering and leadership roles within its Global Infrastructure and Operations group. Troy graduated from the University of North Dakota with degrees in Accounting and Computer Science.

Thierry Fernaine

Director Infrastructure & Operations

Thierry Fernaine is a Director of Site Reliability Engineering at Target with over 15 years of experience in Infrastructure, Operations, and Software Engineering. Thierry currently leads the production technology in Target’s 1,800+ stores focused around scalability, stability, and reliability of products. He is also responsible for driving innovation within Operations where he recently invented a patent-pending technology. Thierry graduated from New York University with a degree in Electrical Engineering then pursued his Executive MBA at Emory University. Prior to Target, Thierry held multiple engineering and leadership roles in the financial sector, retail, and in the air transport industry.

Charles Betz

Principal Analyst

Charles Betz is a principal analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals; he covers enterprise service management and digital operational excellence. This includes topic areas such as service portfolio management, service catalog, IT asset management, application discovery and dependency mapping, knowledge management, configuration management, and CMDB as well as industry frameworks like ITIL, IT4IT, and COBIT.

David Cannon


David is a leader in the fields of IT and service strategy and is currently VP, Consulting Director Serving Infrastructure & Operations. He is the coauthor of the ITIL 2007 service operation book and author of the ITIL 2011 service strategy book. He is a founder and past chairman of itSMF International and past president of itSMF USA. He is also a fellow of service management and double recipient of the itSMF Lifetime Achievement Award.

Alan Nance

Virtual Clarity

Alan is an expert defining, creating and implementing the Next Normal in technology management. He has been a thought leader for many years. From the moment he helped to build ITIL, shaped the concept of Transformational Outsourcing to his current innovations around Consumption Based Public Cloud, Digital Platforms enabling Digital Ecosystems, and Precision-guided Transition Strategies that accelerate the ‘flow to business outcome’ of large transformation programs.

He is a big proponent of multi-disciplinary teams working together to separate the signal from the noise, allowing joined-up thinking throughout an enterprise.

Alan brings together his experience leading change at HP, ING, and Royal Philips, to present a compelling story about the disruption that is right around the corner for both your business and your operating models and what you can do about it.