Session 404: Creating a One-Stop-Shop for Service andSupport at Chick-fil-A (Case Study)

Tuesday, October 16 at 4:30 PM

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In the not-so-distant past, Chick-fil-A's 2,300+ restaurants were served by seven distinct support centers, across IT, payroll, marketing, supply chain, training, treasury, and facilities/equipment. In a fast-paced environment characterized by a high volume of change, consolidating those helplines into a single corporate service desk was no mean feat. Attend this session where Joni Per-Lee and Tony Letts will share the business drivers that prompted the consolidation and the lessons learned along the way. You'll also learn about their current initiatives, including moving from a 100% contractor-based staffing model to a fully internal team, making chat and text support available, and enhancing the self-service portal to automate common tasks.

Tony Letts

Senior Manager
Chick-fil-A HELP

Letts is the senior service desk manager at Chick-fil-A. With more than twenty-one years of success in casting vision, developing actionable strategic plans, and re-engineering business processes, Tony is passionate about the customer service industry. He holds several HDI certifications including HDI Support Center Director and KCS Foundations, and is a certified KCS Coach.

Joni Per-Lee

Senior Director
Chick-fil-A HELP

Joni Per-Lee has been with Chick-fil-A for thirteen years and provided financial consulting services to Operators for the first nine years. She left that role in 2015 to lead a project to consolidate the multiple restaurant-facing helplines across Chick-fil-A. She is now the Senior Director of Chick-fil- A HELP, the contact center that supports Chick-fil-A Operators and team members.