Session 402: The Power of Interactive Listening in Business Success

Tuesday, October 16 at 4:30 PM

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Too often in business, everybody talks but no one really listens. People attend meetings and spend most of it multitasking instead of really engaging. Or they hear the words that are being spoken without grasping the real meaning. Without engaged, interactive listening, there can be no true collaboration, no coming together to achieve mutual objectives.
In this session, attendees will review and practice key techniques for effective, interactive listening and inquiry to ensure they're truly hearing, processing, and comprehending, and more than that, thinking creatively. Interactive listening, coupled with creative thinking, encourages all parties to find ways to say "yes," forging a path everyone can get behind.

Lou Hunnebeck

Principal Advisor
DXC Fruition

An ITIL Expert with over 30 years in service industries, Ms. Hunnebeck is a Principal Advisor at DXC Fruition. Her passion for improving how we do what we do led her to IT Service Management from a background of process consulting, training and Service Management systems consulting. Ms. Hunnebeck is the author of the ITIL Service Design 2011 Edition, Senior Architect/Co-Author for the ITIL Practitioner Guidance publication, serving on the Lead Architect Team for the current update to ITIL, and speaks regularly at industry events.