Session 302: Making Quality Metrics Actionable for Bottom-Line Impact

Tuesday, October 16 at 3:15 PM

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Whether managing a project, running a service desk, or implementing a process, we define "quality" and identify metrics for measuring success. However, these metrics often become focused on IT goals and the quality of execution instead of continuous improvement efforts that have bottom-line impact. We should always be able to quantify how we make our customers' (and users') jobs easier, how we help them to take fewer steps, increase accuracy, consistently accomplish their goals, save time, and save money. Additionally, we need to trend and identify ways to continually improve processes, our products, and our services. This session focuses on using metrics in the areas of efficiency, quality and value to drive continual improvement and show bottom-line impact.

Rae Ann Bruno

Business Solutions Training, Inc

Rae Ann Bruno is the president of Business Solutions Training, Inc., where she consults and trains in various areas of ITIL, KCS, communications, internal marketing, metrics, and process improvement. Rae Ann holds several ITIL certifications, is a faculty trainer for HDI, and is the author of Translating IT Metrics into Business Benefits and What Have You Done for Me Lately? Creating an Internal Marketing Culture. She is also a member of the HDI International Standards Committee