Session 203: Up Your ITSM Game: Organizational Strategy and Complex Adaptive Systems

Tuesday, October 16 at 11:15 AM

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"ITIL is a framework." "Adopt and adapt." "Do what's right for you." "The books are just a guide." We've all heard these mantras, and we all know that every implementation is different—sometimes, by the time you've set up your processes and are just beginning to get good at them, the organization changes and you have to start over again. How do you do it? Is it possible to keep one step ahead?

Drawing on many years of experience in service management, James Finister and Martin Neville will guide attendees through the strange world of complex adaptive systems, organizational strategy, and, yes, toasted bread.

Learn how, in a time of digital transformation, you can:
• Put process-centricity into perspective
• Place people in a pivotal role
• Prospect for best practices
• Promote positive patterns of behavior
• Plan for possible futures

James Finister

Manager, Service Management Consulting
Tata Consultancy Services

James is a highly regarded ITSM consultant and thought leader, well known for his frequent appearances at conferences and on social media. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Martin Neville

Global SIAM Competency Lead
Tata Consultancy Services

A qualified accountant and MBA, Martin stumbled into IT Management over 20 years ago and has not yet found a way out. When his boss gave him a leaflet about ITIL in 2001 he finally realised that there was a name for what he'd been doing all along and that there were other people who agreed with him - it was like coming home. Since then he has been active in the UK and Europe Service Management Community and is currently Vice Chair of itSMF UK. In his day job he is a Consultant for Tata Consultancy Services, specialising in Operational Excellence and SIAM implementations. He was also a reviewer and contributing author to the SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge published this year.

Not coming from a technical background, Martin is deeply suspicious of technology, firmly believes that people are what makes the difference and that the customer is the most important thing, but they are not always right (but nor is he).

This is Martin's first visit to the US in any form and he is extremely excited to be part of Service Management World.