Session 202: How Financial Management Made IT ValuableAgain: Dollars and Sense at the University of Texas at Dallas (Case Study)

Tuesday, October 16 at 11:15 AM

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When costs are being cut, IT operations is a prime target. But cut too much, or ut in the wrong places, and service quality goes down. If you're an organization with limited budget and you're being told to cut costs, wouldn't it be nice to have the data to drive those conversations so you can meet the needs of the organization and keep your customers happy?

What did the IT department at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) do? We started measuring costs and linking them to actual customer outcomes. The result? Every decision—what services to provide, how to provide them—is based on how valuable that service is to the university. Stakeholders from across the university have started seeing the value of IT services, not just the cost. Attend this session to find out how UTD used IT financial management (ITFM) to measure value and improve the ROI of IT services. Shannon will outline the key principles of ITFM and then show how they applied those principles to change the experience and satisfaction of UTD's customers.

Shannon Cepica

Senior Director
University of Texas at Dallas

Shannon is on a mission to share the value of Financial Management in the world of IT. Trained as both an accountant and an information systems professional, he has a unique 22 year background which started out in accounting moving to financial and IT systems auditing, IT operations, service delivery and, most recently, executive IT leadership in higher education. As senior director of Administrative and Client Services at UT Dallas, he has managed to survive 3 consecutive years of significant budget cuts by trimming millions of dollars without reducing service levels. He also as an affinity for process re-engineering, technical support operations and IT leadership.