Session 107: How Target Reimagined Service Management(Case Study)

Tuesday, October 16 at 10:00 AM

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How has Target transformed IT while maintaining a stable and overall healthy tech environment? Learn how automation, bots, IaaS, and APIs fit in, and how Target equipped and trained its team to support new channels and sources of information.

Thierry Fernaine

Director Infrastructure & Operations

Thierry Fernaine is a Director of Site Reliability Engineering at Target with over 15 years of experience in Infrastructure, Operations, and Software Engineering. Thierry currently leads the production technology in Target’s 1,800+ stores focused around scalability, stability, and reliability of products. He is also responsible for driving innovation within Operations where he recently invented a patent-pending technology. Thierry graduated from New York University with a degree in Electrical Engineering then pursued his Executive MBA at Emory University. Prior to Target, Thierry held multiple engineering and leadership roles in the financial sector, retail, and in the air transport industry.

Troy Collings

Senior Director Infrastructure & Operations

Troy Collings is the Senior Director of Guest Reliability Engineering at Target. He has been at the core of Target’s technology operations transformation focusing on innovations, culture and applying software engineering practices broadly across Target. Troy is a business orientated IT professional with extensive experience connecting people, processes and technologies to deliver business value through collaboration and innovative solutions. He is a forward-looking, enabler who has over 20 years of experience including 15 at one of the largest global companies in the world. While at Cargill, Troy held multiple engineering and leadership roles within its Global Infrastructure and Operations group. Troy graduated from the University of North Dakota with degrees in Accounting and Computer Science.