Pre-5: Two-day Training: Problem Management Professional

Sunday, November 10 at 8:30 AM

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Problem management focuses on determining the root cause, identifying temporary workarounds, and applying permanent fixes so that incidents don't happen again. Additionally, problem management uses trending data from incident and event management to identify potential failures and correct issues before the customer is impacted. This high-energy workshop is filled with interactive discussion points, practical guidance, templates, quick wins, and tips for successfully implementing best-practice methodologies for problem management.

Darrell Bond

Business Associate

Darrell Bond is one of the founding partners of RADAR Solutions Group Inc., a services management consulting and training provider focused on creating service excellence. In his 35+ years experience, Darrell has helped many service organizations achieve success through business planning, service optimization and process improvement initiatives. As faculty trainer for HDI, Darrell has shared his knowledge, experience and passion for quality service with directors, managers, team leaders and front-line staff from organizations around the globe. In his role as an auditor for HDI's Support Center Certification Program, Darrell drives continual service improvement, the backbone to the success of all service organizations.