Breakfast Briefing 5: Why EMPLOYEE Service Management is the ESM You Should Focus On

Wednesday, October 17 at 7:30 AM

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For decades it seems like the focus on growing IT is how it can be more strategic for the business, but what fell by the wayside is how the employees were affected by this laser focus. Each employee has different needs and requirements based on their role within the company, but more often than not internal service providers aren't treating the employees with the same level of exceptional service that their external customers receive. From inconsistency and silos, to a lack of visibility, each and every employee from marketing and sales, to facilities and accounting, are human beings that are portable, moving departments, multitasking like crazy, and, yes, submitting tickets and requests frequently to ensure they can stay productive.

So, imagine if you could eliminate the silos and increase collaboration across the organization from service providers to the employees making requests? It's time to create effortless support and services, while centralizing the service management experience on a unified platform.

Liz Beckner

Solutions Consultant

Liz Beckner is a seasoned IT service management consultant, working with Samanage customers for over two years. Her ITSM and ITIL focus supports clients of differing sizes and verticals throughout their implementation, ongoing support and education once they join as Samanage partners. She thrives in speaking with prospective and existing clients on how Samanage can improve their service management strategy, not just within IT but across their organization.