Breakfast Briefing 1: How Does ITIL Embrace Cloud & DevOps Adoption?

Wednesday, October 17 at 7:30 AM

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More than ever before, Cloud and DevOps, via automation and the ability for customers to consume on-demand, is coming to the forefront. The notion of Just-in-Time services and the ability to spin-up and delete them faster than filling in a form and waiting for an approval is applying pressure to hardcore ITIL Service Operations, or even those trying to adopt ITIL best practices. With consumer demand for services increasing and the demographic of the customer being more accustomed to "we want it now," the need for adoption of such practices is required more than ever – but so are the protocols that ensure quality and control of these new and existing services. Without control, the feeding frenzy becomes detrimental to services offered. So how do we balance faster delivery and quality control? Ed will discuss this, as well as the reality of service best practice and adoption and how they might actually complement each other more than we first thought.

Ed Perez

Senior ITSM Consultant
Axios Systems

A highly-experienced and well-informed ITSM professional, Axios Systems’ Senior ITSM Consultant; Ed Perez, has over 20 years of experience in IT Service Management. With experience ranging from planning to designing IT solutions, Ed focuses on utilizing industry best practices to solve business challenges using ITSM and IT Operations Management technology.