Solution Spotlight: How Service Desk Automations Power a Modern Employee Experience

Wednesday, November 13 at 12:00 PM

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It's a fact that digital transformation is a necessity in today's technology-driven environment. With the ongoing consumerization of the workplace and emphasis on digital transformation, the role of IT is rapidly evolving. IT departments are playing a critical role in driving employee engagement, especially through the service desk.

The service desk connects data, technology, and processes. It ensures employees have access to the resources they need, and it helps IT quickly resolve issues that arise. Modern ITSM platforms can track assets within a technology environment and use that data to resolve and even prevent issues with the help of smart technology.

Join Liz Beavers, Senior Solutions Engineer - ITSM, as she demonstrates:

  • Why a combined ITAM and ITSM solution can drive your digital transformation
  • How to align ITOM and ITSM for increased data visibility and streamlined issue resolution
  • How AI and automations can connect IT technicians and employees to the resources they need quickly
  • How to ensure your ITSM strategy centers on the employee experience with technology, including mobile, chat, and integrations with existing tools

Liz Beavers

Senior Solutions Engineer - ITSM