Session 306: The Common Denominator Is The Differentiator: Lead Your Culture

Tuesday, November 12 at 2:15 PM

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It doesn't matter what your title is; in today's organizations, everyone is accountable for results. In this session, participants will learn what separates the best from the rest, how to lead teams and organizations to success, and how to get your team or organization out of the mudpuddle. Explore the common challenges that demotivate and learn techniques for leveraging strengths and coaching and developing others to enhance their skillsets and create a more fulfilling and collaborative culture. Leave this session knowing how you play a leadership role, how you can do it better, and how you can transform your work culture.

Michael Kublin

PeopleTek Coaching

Michael W. Kublin is the founder and President of PeopleTek, a leadership coaching and development company specializing in helping leaders, teams, organizations, and cultures achieve their full potential. Michael's vision is world-wide individual, team, and organizational excellence, which he fosters by connecting leaders, teams, and organizations to the coaching, development, and tools they need to be successful. Mike received his MBA from Nova Southeastern University, and he's the author of 12 Steps For Courageous Leadership, The Leadership Journey, and Leadership Journey II: Moving Beyond The Barriers.