Session 305: Strategy: Plain and Simple

Tuesday, November 12 at 2:15 PM

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We've been getting strategy wrong. We exhaust ourselves generating detailed plans and architectures that few people read and are out of date within months. And often, the people affected most by the strategy don't even get a say in what's in it. Agile approaches need a more dynamic and relevant approach to strategy. This session takes a practical look at how to define and write a strategy that is simple, relevant, and achievable – and that keeps up with the pace of change in today's business environments. The session is aimed at anyone who has to prepare a strategy - whether it's for the entire enterprise or a single group. Participants will walk away with seven simple and practical principles that make the difference between a winning strategy and a plan that never sees the light of day.

David Cannon


David Cannon is known for crafting industry best practices for strategy and IT operations, which he uses to make organizations function more effectively and efficiently. He has led consulting practices in Forrester, Hewlett-Packard, and BMC Software, creating effective operating models that exploit both business and technology capabilities in integrated solutions. David believes that successful digital strategy is an enterprise initiative that integrates technology from multiple internal and external sources to achieve business success. He is the coauthor of the ITIL 2007 Service Operation book and the ITIL 2011 Service Strategy book, and he was awarded two lifetime achievement awards by itSMF.