Breakfast Briefing 6: Human, Not Digital, Transformation: The Rise of the Humans

Wednesday, November 13 at 7:30 AM

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We are increasing traveling towards a new future of work and lifestyle, where the lines are more and more blurred between real-life human existence and virtual digital intelligence and automation. There's no point in putting our heads in the sand and ignoring this – in most cases this represents opportunities: opportunities to do more interesting work, to be more human centered, to remove dull and error prone tasks – all these certainly, but also many exciting opportunities to do new things that we as humans can't do or couldn't imagine doing only a few years back.
The challenge is the current and ongoing period of transformation – moving from old to new ways of working, organizational models. use of new tools and new levels of integration…It's fine to talk about how to digitally transform an organization, however there is still much to do to prepare and position people and teams and ways of working to be able to get real value from transformation. Whiles we often focus too much on the technical and 'digital' side of change and how to deploy new tools and models, the challenge still rests with ourselves as people – what will we do, how do we reposition ourselves and stay relevant?

The good news is that what we do best and where we add value is still very much human territory – we need to ensure that we focus on the things that we can do better than machines and where we add more value. Our industry is waking up to this with more human content appearing in frameworks and dialogue. The future is definitely human and our ability to mover with digital transformation rests on our ability to transform ourselves. This session looks at how we as individuals and organizations can do this and lead our industry now and in the future.

Barklay Ray

Barclay Rae Consulting

Barclay Rae is an experienced ITSM mentor and business manager. Over the past twenty-five years, he's worked on approximately 400 ITSM projects; for the past ten years, he's run his own consultancy company, e2e. Barclay advises organizations on their ITSM, mentoring, and business development strategies, focusing on service desks, service level management, and the service catalog. Barclay hosts ITSMTV and the "Service Desk Inspector" series, and he participates in the weekly "ITSM Rest of the World" podcast.